Self love Spiritual Premium Kit - Align Spirits LLC
Self love Spiritual Premium Kit - Align Spirits LLC
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Self love Spiritual Premium Kit

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Self Love Spiritual Premium Kit

Self-love is the best love! The greatest and most important love comes from YOU. Let's increase our love for self! This kit was designed with that specific purpose in mind. This kit is ideal for those that are familiar with metaphysical and spiritual healing with an appreciation of crystal healing.
This kit contains:
Red Rosemary candle: Red resonates with the root chakra which your survival center. Rosemary is known for it's soothing effects and stimulates mental clarity. 
White Sage: Removes energies from your space to make room for new energies.
Palo Stick: Removes negative energies while leaving a welcoming aroma. 
Sage and Citrus Incense with holder: Sage and Citrus is known for renewal and cleansing. 
Clear Quartz helps with amplifying your energy and allowing higher spiritual receptiveness. 
Rose Quartz opens up the heart and allows healing. It also promotes self-love and self-acceptance. 
Amethyst is the crystal of clarity. Much needed on the journey to self-love.
Allow us to help you on your journey to self-love with this phenomenal kit!