Motivation/Prosperity Spiritual Premium Kit

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Motivation/Prosperity Spiritual Premium Kit

Add a little pep to your step with this kit! Are you feeling like you can't complete your long to-do list? No worries! We have got you covered with this kit. This kit is ideal for the crystal lover!

This kit contains:

Purple Cedarwood candle: Purple is a color of motivation and resonates with the crown chakra which corresponds with the third eye and wisdom. Cedarwood promotes a calming environment.
White sage: Removes the energies that may be affecting your motivation.
Palo stick: Removes the negative energies in the space and allows for productive energies to enter.
2 Patchouli incense with holder: Patchouli is associated with money and prosperity. A great scent!
Clear Quartz is known as a stone of power and focus. Much needed!!
Blue quartz is great for creativity!
Black Tourmaline repels negative energies and allows higher energies to be expressed. Positive Vibes!
Allow us to help with your motivation and prosperity!