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House Cleansing/Blessing Spiritual Starter Kit

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House Cleansing/Blessing Spiritual Starter Kit

Protecting your space is very important to growth, spirit, and mental focus. Bag energy can make your space unproductive and a drag to be in. You want and need a space that energizes. This kit has you covered! This kit is ideal for those that are just starting their spiritual journey. 

This kit contains:

Purple lemon candle: Purple represents the crown chakra which is responsible for higher consciousness. This is important to creating a conducive environment for growth. Lemon is best known for stimulating, calming, and mood elevating effects.
White Sage: Clears all the energizes from the space especially the energizes of others that can significantly affect YOUR space. 

Palo stick: Removes the negative energies while leaving behind a welcoming aroma for positive energies!
2 Sage and Citrus incense: Sage and Citrus is known for is renewal and cleansing properties. A wonderful aroma to have throughout your space.