House Cleansing/Blessing Spiritual Premium kit

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House Cleansing/Blessing Spiritual Premium kit

Protecting your space is very important to growth, spirit, and mental focus. Bad energy can make your space unproductive and a drag to be in. You want and need a space that energizes. This kit has you covered! This kit is ideal for those that appreciate and embrace crystal healing.

This kit contains:

Purple lemon candle: Purple represents the crown chakra which is responsible for higher consciousness. This is important to creating a conducive environment for growth. Lemon is best known for stimulating, calming, and mood elevating effects.
White Sage: Clears all the energizes from the space especially the energizes of others that can significantly affect YOUR space. 

Palo stick: Removes the negative energies while leaving behind a welcoming aroma for positive energies!
2 Sage and Citrus incense with holder: Sage and Citrus is known for is renewal and cleansing properties. A wonderful aroma to have throughout your space. 

Rose Quartz allows for clearing and healing of the heart while promoting self healing and restoration.
Black Tourmaline repels negative energies while purifying. 
Clear Quartz is known as the most powerful healing crystal! This crystal will help with amplifying your energy, protection from negative energies, and attuning to your higher self.

Prepare to elevate your space and mind with this wonderful collection.