Heartbreak Spiritual Starter Kit

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Heartbreak Spiritual Starter Kit

Start your journey to wholeness and repairing your broken heart. Heartbreaks can kill your spirit. Let's rebuild your heart and spirit. This is the kit that you need! Ideal for the beginning of practicing metaphysical and spiritual healing.

This kit contains:

Frankincense Green candle: Green represents the heart chakra, which is most effected after a heartbreak. Frankincense eases breathing. It's sweet, woody aroma allows your mind to relax while decreasing anxiety and promoting focus. A necessity for meditation!
Palo stick: The greatest remover of negative energy while leaving a warming aroma and thick smoke. 
White sage: Clears the way for positive energy with it's stimulating scent.
2 Lotus incense: Lotus is a must have for healing and harmony.
Let's heal our hearts together!