Fear Spiritual Premium Kit

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Fear Spiritual Premium Kit

Fear can tire you emotionally and physically. It also holds you back. Conquer the world by conquering your fears. This kit was made with that goal in mind. Perfect for those that embrace the power of healing crystals. You won't regret it!
This kit contains:
Yellow Lavender Candle: Lavender naturally promotes tranquility and peace. Perfect for meditation. Yellow symbolizes intelligence and energy. Also associated with the solar plexus chakra!
White Sage: Removes all energy while making room for your new energy.
Palo stick: Removes negative energy while leaving behind a great aroma and smoke!
2 Dragon's Blood incense with holder: Dragon's Blood repels negativity, promotes protection, and increases courage.
Blue Quartz alleviates fear, increases creativity, and allows for expression.
Amethyst reduces stress, alleviates fear, and opens intuition.
Black Tourmaline repels negative energies, such as fear, and purifies.

Conquer your fears with this kit!