Empath Spiritual Premium Kit

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Empath Spiritual Premium Kit

Do you identify as a empath? Do you feel other's emotions? Do you feel emotionally drained? This is the kit for you! Ideal for those that appreciate the power of crystals.
This kit contains:
Yellow Frankincense candle: Frankincense is soothing, improves concentration, and reduces stress. Yellow symbolizes intellect and energizes! Restoration of your energy!
White sage: Removes all energy which makes room for your new energy.
Palo stick: Removes negative energy with a smooth aroma. 
2 Frankincense incense: Frankincense is so good you need it twice in this kit!
Restoration of yourself is a top priority!

Amethyst: Great for spiritual protection and purification.
Rose Quartz: Promotes self-love, peace, and healing.
Black Tourmaline: Repels negative energy and cleanses.
Prepare for your spiritual repair!