Emotional Trauma Spiritual Premium Kit

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Emotional Trauma Spiritual Premium Kit

Emotional trauma can leave devastating scars. Time to heal those scars with this kit. This premium kit is ideal for those with some knowledge of the metaphysical healing or those that understand the power of crystal healing. 

Yellow lavender Candle: Lavender naturally promotes relaxation and tranquility. Perfect for meditation! Yellow symbolizes energy and intellect.
White sage: Removes all energy which allows room for your new energy.

Palo stick: Removes negative energy with is thick smoke and amazing aroma. 

2 Lotus incense with holder: Lotus promotes healing, harmony, and protection. 

Rose Quartz opens up your heart and allows for healing. 
Black Tourmaline removes negative energy and provides emotional protection from others. 
Amethyst provides spiritual protection and purification. 

Let's heal our emotional wounds together!