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Depression Starter Kit

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Depression Spiritual Starter Kit

The feelings of depression can be debilitating and unproductive. This kit was designed with care and energy in mind. This is perfect for someone that is interested in metaphysical healing, but doesn't know where to begin. START HERE!
Red lavender candle: Lavender promotes tranquility and peace. Red is an energizing color and promotes working past your feelings of depression. Energizes!
White sage: Clears energy which allows room for your new positive energy to overtake your space. 
Palo stick: Removes negative energy. Make way for good vibes. 
2 Frankincense incense: Frankincense activates ion channels in the brain that alleviates depression. The aroma of frankincense is woody and sweet which is relaxing and soothing. 
This kit is a must have for beginning your journey of moving past depression.