Depression Premium Kit - Align Spirits LLC
Depression Premium Kit - Align Spirits LLC
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Depression Premium Kit

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Depression Spiritual Premium Kit

The feelings of depression can leave you stuck, heartbroken, and stagnant. Let us help overcome this. With this kit we can get through it together!. This kit is ideal for those with some familiarity with the metaphysical and healing properties of crystals. Also for those that appreciate the beauty of crystals!

Red lavender candle: Lavender is naturally soothing and relaxing. Red is an energizing color and promotes energy!
White sage: Removes all energy. This will make way for your new positive energy. 
Palo stick: Removes negative energy. Much needed!
2 Frankincense incense with holder: Frankincense has a sweet and woody smell which is relaxing! The scent opens ions in the brain that help with dealing with depression. 
Blue Quartz: Releases fear and promotes courage! Get ready to conquer your fears! 
Black tourmaline: Releases negative energy. Make way for your new positive energy!
Fuchsite: Promotes emotional balance, tranquility, and acceptance. This is needed in any situation in order to move forward.