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Anger Spiritual Kit

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Anger Spiritual Starter Kit

Anger can be overwhelming and lead to disaster. Learn to control and express those emotions that stem from anger in a healthy and productive way. This starter box is ideal for the start of your spiritual journey! A great way to holistic health and healing. 

This box contains:

Orange candle with orange scent: The color orange is calming and soothing which allows the anger to pass. The scent of orange is also calming and energizing which allows anger to be released and used in a productive manner. 

2 Lotus incense: Lotus incense are great with increasing mental clarity, elevating your mood, and promotes peace.

White sage bundle: White sage is burned to to clear energy and promote healing. The aroma is soothing and promotes relaxation. 

Palo stick is used to remove negative energy. Light the wood and blow the flame out. Enjoy the thick smoke and aroma as the negative energies leave out the window.