Guided Tour

Welcome and we commend you on making the choice to focus on your spiritual health! This is a guide to help with understanding our products and their relevance to your journey! 

How to meditate

Meditation is a great way to practice mindfulness and self-care. Meditation helps to calm the mind of racing thoughts and negative thinking. Meditation starts in a quiet place.  You may sit in a way that is comfortable for you. Once sitting, close your eyes and focus on slow and steady breathing. You can start by counting to five while inhaling and counting to five while exhaling.  Try to focus on your breathing in the beginning and as you advance you can recite positive affirmations that are fitting to your spiritual journey.  Try to establish a consistent schedule for meditation

Content of Kits

Each kit is designed with a specific purpose to promote healing. Depending on the level of kit that is purchased there will be different items included. With entry level kits, there will be a candle (to promote peace and harmony with a specific formulation directed towards the kit’s purpose), incenses (specific to purpose), and cleansing/ blessing agent (such as Palo sticks and sage). Palo sticks and white sage are used to cleanse energies. Blue sage is to promote blessing to the space. Ensure when using the cleansing agents that a window is open to allow negative energies to leave the space. With premium kits, healing stones will be included to be used during meditation. Stones can be held in left hand to bring the energy to you or they can be held in the right hand to send that energy out.

Stone care

All stones are raw and rough to maintain the integrity of the stone.You should cleanse your crystals/stones after you buy or receive it. Certain stones will need recharging after each use. If you decide to wear your crystals/stones as jewelry you can cleanse them daily or weekly. Healing crystals, or gemstones are considered “vibrational healing”. Meaning that they both absorb and give energy. So, it is best for you to remove any built-up negative energy. You may want to cleanse your stones based on their type and color. Not all stones can be cleansed with water due to the water can wash away the properties of the stone. The most common way of cleansing your stone/crystal is by smudging them with sage, Palo Santo, or incense like cedar or sandalwood (removing any negative energy). You can also put your crystals/stones under sunlight or moonlight which can charge and cleanse them. Cleansing your stones/crystals does not need to be a hassle which ever method you choose.



Meanings behind each stone and incense:

There are multiple meanings to stones and incenses. Below are definitions of the meanings behind the items placed in each kit.

Rose Quartz –self-love and Self-acceptance; comfort during heartbreak

Amethyst -clarity  

Fuchsite-promotes personal healing and acceptance

Blue Quartz-calming, reduces stress, and negative thoughts

Clear Quartz-powerful intuitive energies

Black Tourmaline-Repels lower, harmful frequencies

Sage and Citrus incense -cleansing and renewal

Lotus incense -Healing, protection, harmony, peace and elevates mood

Frankincense incense- Courage and meditation

Patchouli incense -Money and prosperity

Dragon’s Blood incense -protection, courage, and repels negativity