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Emotional Openness kit (limited supply)

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Emotional Openness kit (limited)

Are you emotionally closed off? Do you have a hard time connecting with others?
Here is your solution!!

The kit contains 2 opalite stones, White sage, a palo santo stick, and a smudging feather with a clear quartz attached to. Couldn't forget an empath candle! Also includes a beautiful abalone shell.
Opalite removes energy blockages which allows you to connect with others.
White sage clears the energy which makes room for new and improved energies. 
Palo santo clears negative energy. Positive vibes only!
Clear quartz protects against negative energy and amplifies your energy.
Smudging feather is used to guide smoke and energy within the space. 
Empath candle is a yellow candle with frankincense oil that allows relaxation while promoting concentration.
Abalone shell is incredibly beautiful! It promotes peace and compassion.
Open your heart with this kit!
Act fast this product is a limited supply!