Must Have Crystal for 2020 Spiritual Journey

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Must Have Crystals for 2020 Spiritual Journey

        The power of healing crystals has been gaining popularity and have helped millions of people around the world. Embarking on a spiritual journey takes time, courage, and commitment. Celebrities have taken on spiritual journeys and healing crystals have been included with it. Artists such as Katy Perry, Adele, Kim Kardashian, and Summer Walker are some that have publicly shared their positive experiences with healing crystals. I know you are probably wondering how to start the journey of using healing crystals. Have no fear! This blog contains helpful suggestions from metaphysical experts and practitioners to help start 2020 off right!

     The first guest that we have for this discussion is Lidia from WiccanTips. WiccanTips is an Instagram account dedicated to herbs and crystals. They have over 240 thousand followers and offer great tips and suggestions for spiritual wellness.

Here's Lidia's advice:

These are my recommendations for 2020.

  • For Venus retrograde: Rose quartz to promote forgiveness, sweeten your feelings and heal from emotional
  • For mercury retrograde: Fluorite to help you maintain the focus, selenite for calm and grounding and labradorite for communication.
  • For the Moon eclipses: Amethyst to enhance your psychic abilities during the eclipse and moonstone to amplify the moon
  • To have a good year in general: citrine for your business, amethyst for spirituality, black tourmaline for protection.

A bit about me: My name is Lidia and I'm the wiccan witch behind @wiccantips. I'm Spanish and because of my cultural background, I follow a Celtic/Celtiberian path. I'm always happy to help and I love sharing my knowledge and learning with this lovely community.

      The next expert that we have the pleasure of including in this discussion is Marisa. She is a beauty, wellness, and spiritual blogger. Here's some insight from Marisa: 

        Hello everyone! My name is Marisa, and I am beauty, wellness and spirituality blogger with @makeupandmedicine on Instagram. My top pick for the must-have crystal of 2020 is the Desert Rose. While more of a stone than a crystal, this unique and stunning stone is here to make sure we ring in the new decade with change and grounding stability. The ridges in this stone symbolize that there is no singular, clear path we are meant to take to reach our goals. Use this time to change the things you don’t like and let this stone be a constant reminder of what you strive for. After all, it’s not only a brand-new year but a brand-new decade. Big changes are coming and having this stone not only promotes that but keeps you grounded as well. This stone is pivotal in making the best out of the new year. I hope you manifest every single thing your heart desires.

          Next expert on this topic is Dani Bailey aka Goddess Caleasia. She has spent the last four years making a name for herself in the realm of social media and business. She is a podcast host, author, marriage and family therapist, child therapist and motivational life coach. She can be reached on Instagram @trapgoddess_caleasia and at Here is some advice from Dani for 2020:

          The must-have crystals for 2020 are selenite, rose quartz, amazonite, phantom quartz and citrine. 2020 is a year about rapid change and exponential growth. It’s the new beginning we all were looking for in 2019! Selenite will assist with crown chakra connections and keeping your energy balanced as your new life emerges! Rose quartz fosters self-love, you will need a lot of extra love because next year everything will be new to you. Amazonite is a soothing stone bringing in that water / nurturing energy it’s a mermaid crystal .... I love mermaids being a daughter of yemaya :) Phantom quartz assist with the dream realm, a lot of things will be revealed to you in your dreams and that stone will assist you in dreaming and remembering the dream. Lastly citrine is a power house for confidence. Citrine also embodies solar energy. This stone will get your creative juices flowing so you can be a conduit for spirit all 2020!

     Our team at Align Spirits recommends Clear Quartz for 2020. We recommend Clear Quartz due to it being the “master healer”. Clear Quartz is considered a stone of great power with many purposes. It protects against negative energy, relieves pain, and allows connection with your higher self. Visit our collections of stones and spiritual supplies at and subscribe for the latest products and blogs. Make 2020 your year of manifesting everything you ever wanted!