Five Incredible Ways to Practice Self-Love

With the world changing and the world on quarantine, we have a lot of time alone and to take on adventures we didn't have time for before. Quarantine has taught many people many lessons. Here at Align Spirits, we learned to take our journey to self-love and discovery to the next level. We did much research and discovered more ways to help with facilitating self-love. Through our research, we discovered five incredible and easy ways to practice self love.

1. The first way to practice self-love is the simple act of positive self talk. This is accomplished by looking in the mirror and stating at least five positive statements and affirmations. This is a great way to start the day on a positive note. Scientists have studied the effects of positive thoughts and words on the mind and studies showed that a positive mental perception led to positive outcomes. 

2. The second way to practice self-love is through meditation. Meditation is very effective with reducing stress levels, increasing focus and concentration, and allows for emotional control. There are many other benefits to meditation. It can be a hard skill to master, but with time and patience it is well worth the skill. We created meditation kits with specific purposes to help others learn the art and skill of meditation. In many ways, people meditate without knowing it such as daydreaming. The purpose of meditation is to clear the mind and relax the body. The best way to start your meditation journey is to start with short sessions until you build the endurance for longer sessions. There are many great videos on our YouTube channel!

3. The third way to practice self-love is through candles. Candles are relaxing and can change the energy within the room. They set the ambience of the room and the tone for your day. We create custom candles with colors to help with emotional goals and scents to coordinate with the purpose. From personal experience, candles have helped with emotional baggage and release negative feelings. Research has shown that even the simple act of lighting a candle and watching the flicker of the fire has been known to slow the heart rate, calm the mind by providing a point of focus, and eases tension. Essential oils within the candles help facilitate emotional balance which depends on the scent. Chakra bracelets allow essential oils to be with you everyway you go! This concept applies to wax melts as well. 

4. The fourth way to practice self-love is with chakra bracelets and crystals. The act of using crystals has shown increases in concentration. There are many crystals which are used in chakra bracelets with many different purposes and intentions. There is scientific evidence that shows that every crystal contains minerals and elements that help with facilitating it's purpose and intention. For example, Clear Quartz stimulates the immune system and restores the body's energy. This is essential to the purpose of Clear Quartz. The practice of wearing a chakra bracelet allows crystals to always be on your person. It also facilitates the alignment and grounding of the seven chakras. Each of the chakras refers to body systems and areas that make the person a whole individual that allows a healthy lifestyle. There are many articles on the details of chakras that are worth a read. 

5. The last way we recommend to practice self- love is through cleansing and smudging. This concept is accomplished through the burning of sage or palo santo sticks. Sage allows the clearing to negative energies which leaves room for positive energy. Palo Santo is helpful with relieving stress. Scientific research has shown many medical benefits of burning sage and palo santo. The burning of both has antimicrobial effects and helps with respiratory issues such as colds, asthma, flu. It also provides an analgesic effect which helps with headaches and body aches. We have smudging bundles on our website that will certainly help. 

All in all, these are some simple yet effective ways to promote self-love. There are many ways to practice self- love. These five ways are easy to accomplish and will lead to great benefits. Thanks for viewing this blog and feel free to explore our website!